Umbraco Community Secret Santa 2022

Frequently asked questions

What is secret santa?

Secret Santa is a holiday tradition wherein people in the Umbraco community exchange gifts. The giving is as fun as the receiving!

How do matches work?

On the 5th of December you will be assigned a user to gift. At the same time another user will be assigned to gift you.

How much do I have to spend on my match?

Don't feel any pressure to spend more than you can afford; there's no set amount required. You could choose to give a homemade gift or choose to go all out. It’s not the size of the gifts that matter, but the thought put behind them that makes Secret Santa awesome.

Will I have to pay a small fortune in postage?

It's true you could get matched with anyone from anywhere around the world. If you have to send something a long way, you could use an online store local to the recipient. You can always send a card or something small as well for the personal touch.

When will I need to send my present?

I suggest sending it as soon as you can, particularly if it has a long way to travel. You'll be asked to confirm when you have sent it so we can let the recipient know something is on its way.

Should I include my name in the parcel?

It's up to you, if you'd like to remain anonymous do so, if you'd prefer the recipient to know, include your details.